Friday, January 06, 2006


I was thinking about the different commands or words Wyatt knows. Here is what I THINK he knows and what I THINK they mean to him. Most of these have hand signals (HS) which he probably knows more than the actual word. In preparing for the utility signal exercise, I have changed some hand signals and have stopped using the words so much.

Sit - from stand (HS)
Up - sit from a down (HS)
Down - down in sphinx position (HS)
Stand - from a sit or down (HS)
Come - come to me and sit in front (HS)
Front - sit right in front of me (HS)
Finish - come around behind me and sit in heel position (HS only)
Heel - start moving with me
Go ahead - move away from me (HS)
Target - nose touch a yogurt top
Touch - nose touch my hand
OK - release word, get up from sit or move out of 2 on 2 off position
Spot - nose touch and get into 2 on 2 off position
Find it - retrieve a dumbbell or glove or look for a treat on the floor
Side - come up and sit beside me in heel position (HS)
Jump - jump over a jump or log
Tunnel - go into a tunnel
Walk it - go up the dog walk
A-frame - go up the A-frame (slamming into it as hard as possible - Wyatt added that part)
Table - go to a table and wait for sit or down command
Couch ( go to your couch) - Jump onto the top (back) of a couch and look very hungry (always followed by a down) HS
Stay - don't move (HS)
Fetch - get the Frisbee or toy and bring it back
Drop it - drop the Frisbee or toy
HUP - change to a faster gait
Wyatt - his name
Treat - food is coming
Bunny (get the bunny) - go after the bunny or bunny fassimile
Patriot - his house brother's name. Not sure he knows this one.
Crate (go to your crate) - just what it sounds like
Watch - look at me. This is a new one. (HS)
Easy - slow down. Not sure he really knows this one.
Click - correct, treat coming.
Oops - incorrect.
Try again - let's do it again. Not sure if this means anything to him.
Speak - make one of a amazing variety of barks or whines depending on mood. Sometimes nothing comes out but I see the air blowing out so I treat him anyway.
Go pee - just like it sounds. I am pretty sure it means pee or poop to him.
Jump hand signal - used for directed jumping. Means jump left or jump right depending on the side the arm goes out on. (HS)
Track - this is a one I have not used in a while. Supposed to mean follow tracks until you find a glove.

One thing that amazing me if how he remembers these. For example, I don't use HUP that often but he still remembers it every time.

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