Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wyatt's Checkout

We visited Julie Roos, DVM yesterday. Julie specializes in Sports Medicine for dogs. She found some problems in Wyatt's back and especially pelvis. Last time, it was more of a back issue. So he is on rest for 2 weeks and partial rest after that. She also recommended glucosamine and massage. Last time, rest meant no agility and jumping, but she thinks this is more due to the daily runs and the long sits so those are out for a while. He can get a daily walk of 10-15. Wyatt hates the cold anyway so it should not be too hard. We go back in early February to see where he is at. She said I caught it early this time, which is a good thing.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Scent Discrimination

We have been socked in with snow and cold. Wyatt does not like to go out in the cold much so I have been doing 3 training sessions a day instead of the usual 2 t keep him with something to do. Lots of run thrus and classes have been cancelled too.

Something interesting I noticed with scent discrimination. On the first article, he seems to sniff all all of them, including the correct one without any indication on the correct one. He then makes a second pass and gets the correct one. It would seem that he is making sure he has the correct one. For the second article, he only makes one pass and stops on the correct one and retrieves it,

I am thinking of starting to train brace for our national specialty. I need to buy one of the those coupler collars. It should be a hoot!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dogs Off

The dogs seem off due to the ice storm and lack of power. They also had a fight over a huge hunk of cheese they somehow got the other day. Wyatt cut a small cut right above his eye, which is too close for comfort. I should have anticipated the issue as I did see Patriot digging up the cheese and flaunting his ownership of it by running around "proudly" with it in his mouth with Wyatt watching. I was not sure what it was initially and thought it was something out of the compost. I am trying to get back into our usual routines with them, which should help. I am sure they are picking up our increased stress levels as well.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ice Storm

Lots to write about with the loss of power for what looks like it will be a week. Really changes your life and outlook. However, I can't write much. I just ran into Northampton to check email. Here are some quick photos I put up of the storm.


I have tried to continue my 2 obedience sessions with Wyatt every day. He still waits for me to do down cellar with him, lights or no lights!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Agility Class- Layering Jumps

After a long break of about a month, Wyatt and I returned to agility class. It felt good to be out there and Wyatt seemed very happy to be running. I really worked on pushing my distance so it was challenging. We had some trouble layering jumps and going by jumps. Wyatt loves jumps so much. But I really needed to be aware and precise in my path, that is was heading in the correct direction. At the same time, it only worked if I ran parallel to him, not ahead or behind.

New Blog

I have a new blog, which will be devoted to more general topics such as religion, philosophy, politics, parenting, nature, and life in general. I will attempt to make it personal and to share the occasional insight or at least deep question about life.

It can be found at Reflections From Cricket Hil

Friday, December 05, 2008

Down Problems

I have had a few down problems again where Wyatt gets up immediately from his down into a sit. I am not sure if this is due to:

a) colder floors
b) practicing sits much more than downs lately
c) a physical issue
d) unknown and mysterious dog thoughts

I am having him checked out next week for physical issues since I was seeing some possible jumping issues. If the issue is colder floors, I should not probably not practice unless it is warmer or I put something down. If the issue is not practicing, then I should just practice more, which is somewhat in conflict with "a". He has been better the last few days as I have kept the downs very short and in sight. He did great last night and did a 3.5 minute out of sight sit. I had Tibby crowd him as well for the other stuff hoping to get him more used to judges who stand close to the dogs. I just printed out a premium for mid-March. That will probably be our next attempt.