Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obedience Saturday in Taunton

I have Wyatt in Novice B and Open A and Patriot in Novice B Saturday in Taunton, MA.  Things to remember for Wyatt. 

  • Stay up and happy.
  • Don't touch him too much for a reward in the ring.
  • Keep things moving especially for the recall.  Move quickly to the end of the ring and turn around and give the command as soon as possible.
  • If he freezes on the initial "come" part of the recall, quickly move back to him and give an oops word and move on.  Keep the "come" loud and happy.  Be firm for the "drop" command.  Don't explain ahead of time to the judge that you are not going to give a second command.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Open A

I was very happy with Wyatt in Open A AKC obedience last weekend.  His heeling was not hist best.  I did not get one automatic sit but I was VERY HAPPY he did not freeze on the initial recall.  He did not drop though.  He just stopped in a standing position.  Very odd.  That has not happened before.  He did freeze in the Novice Recall.  But I had a brain freeze and it took me a while to give the "come" command.  I am wondering if I should issue the command as soon as I can and/or proof a delay in issuing the command.  I have been treating more for automatic sits and the recall part of drop on recall.  Wyatt passed all four sits (open and novice).  He did reseat himself a bit in the Open out of sight sit.  Patriot did very well, lagged a bit in Novice off leash heeling but ended up with a Q and a 185 1/2. 


Well, I decided to switch Wyatt to Skilled.   He can jump 12 inches.  NADAC allows you to convert Proficient legs to Skilled Legs.  I have some mixed feelings.  The NATCH was my goal for a long time.  Not that the MEDAL is really any different but it does feel like a little bit of a loss.  But my goal has really been to get a second agility championship for Wyatt.  So a MEDAL does that.  For those not familiar with NADAC, the MEDAL is, in essence, a NATCH for veteran dogs.  So even though Wyatt may have been able to complete the requirements for a NATCH at 16 inches, I will worry a lot less and he can probably do agility for longer and be more comfortable and confident doing it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obedience Saturday

I have Wyatt and Patriot entered in Novice B Saturday and Wyatt is Open A.  I have another trial at the end of the month.  If Wyatt continues to have problems in Open A, I am wondering if I should continue to trial, even though he is so close (yet so far.)  His persistent freezes for the drop on recall (only at trials) and 50% rate in stays continue to be a difficult problem. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I was thinking of moving Wyatt to NADAC skilled. He could jump 12 inches and get a little more time.  He does not need the time (you only get it for jumping classes).  The disadvantage would be that he would not get a NATCH but a MEDAL, which is kind of like a veteran's NATCH.  I've had a NATCH in mind for a long time and we getting pretty close.  I could actually not run jumpers and stop running regular or cut back to one day when we get our remaining 5 regular legs for his NATCH,  Then the only jumps would be in chances, which does not contain very many jumps.  I am seeing him run around jumps on occasion, which can indicate hip or back pain.  Something to think about.  I will probably consult with my sports vet.  The biggest disadvantage is to a MEDAL rather than a NATCH is having to explain what it is and people outside NADAC not knowing what it is.  I don't think NADAC folks would see it as lessor accomplishment but some might.  If I was sure Wyatt was in pain or that is was better for him, I would.  But right now I am not sure and in the past, we have managed his injuries with massage, chiro, and other techniques.  What do you think?