Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obedience Saturday in Taunton

I have Wyatt in Novice B and Open A and Patriot in Novice B Saturday in Taunton, MA.  Things to remember for Wyatt. 

  • Stay up and happy.
  • Don't touch him too much for a reward in the ring.
  • Keep things moving especially for the recall.  Move quickly to the end of the ring and turn around and give the command as soon as possible.
  • If he freezes on the initial "come" part of the recall, quickly move back to him and give an oops word and move on.  Keep the "come" loud and happy.  Be firm for the "drop" command.  Don't explain ahead of time to the judge that you are not going to give a second command.

1 comment:

Aragon greyhounds said...

Obedience makes me so nervous with my greyhounds. Have been competing for 25 years and am still as scared when I enter the ring now as I was the first time.