Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Brace Stuff

I have never heard of anyone doing brace rally or brace open obedience.  Needless to say, that has not stopped me from trying it.  I have seen Patriot improve his open obedience drop on recall if he does it with Wyatt so I am trying some brace rally and brace dumbbell retrieves.  The retrieve did not work if I threw them both far because Wyatt would get them both before Patriot knew what was going on but if I throw closer and to the side for Patriot, it works well!  I am hoping it will increase Patriot's drive and performance. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Long Trip To PA

It was a long trip to PA for a NADAC trial and an even longer trip home through some bad weather.  It was a fun trial though.  Very nice Penn State facility.  It was good to stay in practice I think more than anything.  I did feel rusty the first few runs.  We have not trialed since November and have not practiced either.  Wyatt and I only entered Touch and Go and Regular Saturday.  We need one TNG Q for our Elite Versatility award.  It has been elusive and continued to be.  We had some really nice, fast runs but and off course in each.  Wyatt's contacts were perfect though and continued to be all weekend.  Great runs in regular too but a few knocked bars ruled out any Qs.  I was worried about his jumping but it seemed OK Sunday.  He may not be getting as much traction on the soft surface.  Patriot ran well and had two Qs and first in regular and TNG.

Patriot had more trouble Sunday with no Qs but some fun runs.  I just try and keep it positive and fun with Patriot.  Wyatt was entered in tunnelers (2), chances (2), and regular (2). Wyatt did not knock any bars Sunday so I was less worried about his jumping.  Again, some greats runs.  The Chances courses were hard and we did many of the hardest parts of them.  I ran out of room in the Chances 1 and stopped him.  We did the hardest part of Chances 2 and I stopped moving or otherwise through him off.  I was very encouraged that he did an A Frame at a distance and did not get "stuck" on top as usually happens.  We got one regular Q that we needed and one tunnelers Q.  Had a rare off course in Tunnelers 2 when I lost contact for a microsecond. 

Wyatt now needs 7 regular and 10 chances for his NATCH.  Next trial is at the end of February in Rhode Island. 

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I am planning on going to State College, PA on MLK weekend for a NADAC trial.  It's a long drive but I can only go on one trial a month so I am hoping to get a NATCH on Wyatt while he can.  He will be turning 8 this month.  Wyatt has his jumpers legs, and now needs 8 regular and 10 chances.  I have been resting him quite a bit as his back and hips tend to get sore by the end of the nice weather and the agility season. 

Monday, January 04, 2010

More on the Match

Wyatt did well in Novice B but failed to come on the novice recall.  I clapped loudly and he came.  I do not want to get in the habit of issuing a second command.  My volume was loud but not overly so.  He did both stays so that was great.  His heeling was OK but not his best. 

I did not expect anything going into Open.  I thought I would go noncompetative.  Why not.  That's why you see me correcting his first automatic sit.  I guess the judge just marked us down for a double command.  I was very happy when he did his drop on recall!  I did use a very loud voice.  I think it scares him a bit but it does seem (tentatively) that I have to use this very loud command to get him off his spot and to also put my body into it.  I was very happy with both retrieves and the broad jump too.  He somehow made it through both sits and downs.  I wonder if it helped that the judge was correcting dogs. 

Patriot had some hard spots.  His heeling was great!  But I needed to go out with him and/or issue multiple commands on both retrieves.  I also needed to jump with him on the broad jump and he did not drop on the drop on recall. 

Anyway, a fun day and the 191.5 and first really was a thrill.  Gives me hope for a CDX though it take a while. 

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Match Results

Yeah, Wyatt and I  finally had a qualifying run in Open A.   More later.