Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Long Trip To PA

It was a long trip to PA for a NADAC trial and an even longer trip home through some bad weather.  It was a fun trial though.  Very nice Penn State facility.  It was good to stay in practice I think more than anything.  I did feel rusty the first few runs.  We have not trialed since November and have not practiced either.  Wyatt and I only entered Touch and Go and Regular Saturday.  We need one TNG Q for our Elite Versatility award.  It has been elusive and continued to be.  We had some really nice, fast runs but and off course in each.  Wyatt's contacts were perfect though and continued to be all weekend.  Great runs in regular too but a few knocked bars ruled out any Qs.  I was worried about his jumping but it seemed OK Sunday.  He may not be getting as much traction on the soft surface.  Patriot ran well and had two Qs and first in regular and TNG.

Patriot had more trouble Sunday with no Qs but some fun runs.  I just try and keep it positive and fun with Patriot.  Wyatt was entered in tunnelers (2), chances (2), and regular (2). Wyatt did not knock any bars Sunday so I was less worried about his jumping.  Again, some greats runs.  The Chances courses were hard and we did many of the hardest parts of them.  I ran out of room in the Chances 1 and stopped him.  We did the hardest part of Chances 2 and I stopped moving or otherwise through him off.  I was very encouraged that he did an A Frame at a distance and did not get "stuck" on top as usually happens.  We got one regular Q that we needed and one tunnelers Q.  Had a rare off course in Tunnelers 2 when I lost contact for a microsecond. 

Wyatt now needs 7 regular and 10 chances for his NATCH.  Next trial is at the end of February in Rhode Island. 

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