Sunday, April 29, 2007


This is a little off my usual topics but our dog Patriot just figured out how to "do it." I was almost ready to give up at one point this weekend. We bred him about a year ago for the first time and the puppies came out great. "Major" just finished under a year old with 4 majors. The first time, we helped him alot putting the bitch on boards (he tended to be very high on the bitch) and guided him it. Like a teenager, he had trouble finding "home plate." Then if you touched him, he would ejaculate so you could not guide him too much either. Somehow, we managed to help him breed twice for his first litter. We were unsuccesful the second time without any boards or help and the bitches owner did AI but she never got pregnant. This third time I was again ready to give up; it is frustrating for everyone! However, we brought the bitch home to try one last time and were able to breed him pretty quickly once we got the bitch up to the right height. He actually used an obedience broad jump! The second time, I put the bitch on the board again and he was in in less than a second so that was encouraging. Today, I saw that he seemed to be getting closer on his own because he was not going so high so I left them alone and the bred without any help. What does this have to do with training? Well, I did see learning taking place but it did seem like some assistance was needed at first. The motivation to learn was also high. I did see him losing interest also when he was not having any success.

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