Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Video Link to Snooker Run

Here is a link to the Snooker run I was discussing yesterday. I am looking for advice on the off course at the end (the second tire to a jump).

Video Link

From what I see, I did not turn soon enough or far enough in my RFP.

Never mind the beginning sequence. There were problems there too but I know what went wrong there...


chinabound98 said...

I think you just way under-rotated.

I've finally figured out that, with my fast Golden, when I feel like I'm way over-rotating, I'm just starting to rotate enough!

Here we are this past weekend:


John Heffernan said...

Very nice video, Stephanie! Looks like a great weekend. That jumpers run was especially nice.

I am wondering in my case on that snookers course if I should have used a v-set instead of an RFP since I had him on a direct line to the (off course) jump and was driving from directly behind...