Friday, February 22, 2008

New Site

I went to a different place for obedience practice last night. It is a lot closer (20 minutes versus 45 minutes) but not as good. We got a very small space (Wyatt was the only open/utility drop in dog) and it was cement. There was a barking dog initially in the space and the whole place was loud and chaotic. It was good that Wyatt got to work with a male teacher though and a big guy at that. He was afraid but worked OK and got through everything. This place was good proofing but I think I will go back to my other class and just drop in here once in a while for proofing. One of the stress indicators was not coming in close enough on the retrieves. He could come in closer in general. The teacher has a good idea for that. Put some cheese on a clothespin hooked to your pant leg. This would be for regular retrieves without a dumbbell. You would not want to use this with a dumbbell since they would drop the dumbbell. However, it should transfer to all retrieves.

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