Monday, August 11, 2008

New Titles and A Thrill Ride of a Lifetime

We have some new titles to report. Seven year old Patriot received his WRA CRX title last weekend. He worked hard on that and was always a solid C racer and one of the fastest bench champions around here. We remarked last weekend that we would love to see more bench champions doing WRA and NOTRA racing in New England. It tends to be the same 4 of us. It was kind of sad to see what may be his last race. He also finished a bunch of NADAC agility titles this weekend earning his Novice Hoopers, Open Regular, and Elite Jumpers Skilled titles.

Wyatt earned a very difficult title yesterday. It was the NADAC Elite Jumpers Outstanding title. This takes ten qualifying runs at the Elite level. NADAC elite times are very difficult to make. This is roughly equivalent to the AKC MJX title.

Yesterday, I had one of the biggest thrills of my life with him in tunnelers. He got very excited seeing the IG Gabe running tunnelers before him and he was super fast, even faster than usual. He had a blazing fast time, perfect clean run, and worked great at a distance going at top speed and checking in quickly at the end of each tunnels for my command for the next tunnel to take. He reached 6.67 yards per second, which is a national level time for any breed. It was quite a ride. Thanks Wyatt and Patriot.

Their full names are now:

Patriot - C-ATCH Ch Seaspell's Concord Point, CAV, RA, SC, OA, OAJ, CD, OAC, EJS, OCC, TG-N, TN-N, WV-N, HP-N, CRX, OTR, CGC

Wyatt - C-ATCH Wyatt of Dodge City, AV CD, RAE, SC, NA, NAJ, OAC, EJC-O, OCC, TG-N, TN-E, WV-O, HP-N, CGC

See for some tunnelers runs for Wyatt. Too bad I did not tape yesterdays tunnelers run.

John and Dawn Heffernan

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