Saturday, November 29, 2008

Go Outs Versus Drop On Recall

I was thinking that Wyatt may be getting the sit part of the go out and the drop on recall confused. That may be why he downs on the "sit" part of the utility go out. I did notice that this happens more when I am a long distance away, which resembles the drop on recall.


Stephanie and the Dogs, Zoie & Quiz! said...

The set up is very different for the two exercises... I'd sooner guess it's stress? What's your voice like as you call for the turn and sit? Any chance he's hearing something in your voice that's making him a bit nervous? (I'm wondering if he's hauling butt like a Whippet when you call for the sit, which, at least for me, I'd probably sound like, "Oh dear doG, I hope he actually stops and sits!") ;-)

John Heffernan said...

Good thought but I actually do a stern down for the drop on recall but it is worth making sure. Also, I call for the sit when he is still going out so he is not hauling butt at that point. Thanks for the suggestions. Stephanie. I will check out my voice for the sit command.