Thursday, January 08, 2009

Heeling - Eye Contact Versus Painting a Line

I did not in the video a few things. Some folks also pointed them out to me in email. One thing I am thinking about is how much to go for eye contact and how much to "paint a line" for the dog by looking straight ahead. It can cause lagging when you look back at your dog. Typically, I will look back when doing an inside turn and when coming to a halt. I believe it actually helps on the inside turn because I want my dog to slow down. I look at my dog's rear end, basically. I do have the bad habit of looking back on fast too. I am trying to look about 2 feet ahead and to not look at Wyatt on the halt until we have actually halted. So far, these changes do seem to help though he forges a bit on the halt now since I am not slowing him down by looking back.

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