Sunday, November 22, 2009

NADAC Saturday

We had a fun time at NADAC agility in CT yesterday.  Dawn, Aidan, and I all went for the first 4 runs.  It was ideal for me since I "needed" all 4 classes for various titles including the precious NATCH championship legs.  Aidan found another 3 year to play with and Dawn got to run Patriot.  It was a also a nice relaxed trial with lots of room for the courses and a nice soft surface. 

Wyatt and I got 2 regular (standard) legs for our NATCH. We missed Chances, which we also need, due to a distant contact, which is still hard at trials for some reason.  Wyatt tends to stop at the top when I am far away and I can't coax him down without his releasing from high up.  We also missed Touch and Go by .28 seconds!  We only need one more TNG leg to finish all our elite titles and get the Elite Versatility Award. It was a really nice run though and I held the contacts to make sure they were solid. 

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