Monday, December 19, 2005

Targeting: Is it Luring or Shaping?

I tried something new with healing. Wyatt knows a "touch" command for a target (plastic yogurt cap or my hand). So while healing I put my hand down and asked for a touch. He quickly picked up that touching my hand with his nose while heeling earned him a click and treat. I healed around the basement fast and he worked to keep up and earn treats. I also did some circles with him of the outside to try and reduce lagging on figure 8's and right turns. I liked that he was working it out himself that keeping up earned treats. I don't think it will really help him understand heal position until I fade the target. So was I luring or shaping or both?

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Stephanie from WW said...

I think *technically* that would qualify as prompting rather than luring or shaping. But that's just me testing my own knowledge of the jargon! :-) Your hand, being his "target" cue, was a prompt for him to hurry up and stay in heel position. The "click" served as your conditioned reinforcer, letting him know he did the right thing. You'll still need to fade the prompt. Jargon aside, glad to hear it's working for you! Try lots of sudden pace changes, too - especially from a normal into a fast. Keeps them on their toes and helps keep heeling fun. Most Whippets do like it when we slow humans turn on the speed!

Happy Training!