Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wyatt's Scent Articles Arrive

A complete set of leather and metal scent articles arrived yesterday. I have been anxiously awaiting them since Thanksgiving. Of course, I was hoping that he would immediately retrieve them just like his plastic dumbbell.

He went right after the leather dumbbell. However, he seemed to consider it a toy and took it over to the dog couch for some playing. I was able to get him to bring it to me after a couple tries. However, he mouths it more than the hard plastic dumbbell. This supports my theory that mouthing for Wyatt is about play. For years, we have played fetch and have used squeaky toys. I wonder if some of the mouthing is trying to make the toy squeak. He only mouths the plastic dumbbell after he sits in front of me. Do hard core obedience people not use squeaky toys?

The metal dumbbell was different. He seemed to view it more as a target of some kind. He clearly expected a treat for just touching it with his nose. Maybe I should start with the leather dumbbell first.

This utility stuff is going to take a while...

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