Friday, November 24, 2006

One More Leg

We did get one more Rally Excellent leg today with a score of 75. We lost 10 on back 3 steps and 10 on moving stand. I thought we may have gotten some of the back 3 steps (he went back 2 steps I thought) but it was just marked -10. Wyatt stopped beautifully for the moving stand but moved towards the end. I did not (but should have retried).

The course was very hard!!! She put in every single difficult station possible that we struggle with (offset figure 8, back 3 steps, left pivot) and a lot the harder ones (halt, stand, down, moving down). I was happy to qualify. I was sure glad we practised last month. I was very happy Wyatt went backwards at all - we have just started to get that.

He is still off. Even in rally, he would not sit at the start (I asked the judge if you had to and she said no so we just went from a stand but he stalled there. I had to go back and start with him again. Darned thing. He is also nto releasing on his agility contacts. Seems like some kind of stress but I have not been able to figure it out.

Another try tomorrow - the course can't be any harder!!!

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