Monday, November 27, 2006

Still One More RE Leg

Well, we had our first ever NQ in rally on Saturday. I was rushed to the start line - it moved faster than I thought - and I could not find Wyatt's collar for a while. It was another hard course with a backup 3 steps, a halt, pivot left, halt, and 3 semi-tricky stations right near the honor station. I did not keep enough contact with Wyatt and I lost him a few times. One of these was near the jump and he wanted to go over it. He also hit the jump after we finished which was cute. The jump was on the way back to the gate. But I was very happy with his performance. I beleive I had 3 retries which is an NQ but I did not get back in time ot check our scoresheet. He did an awesome halt, left privot, halt with a perfect "side" after pivot. Learning this station has really "forced" me to learn a really good left finish. Live and learn!

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