Thursday, March 22, 2007

Long Retrieves

I have been trying to make retrieves even more fun that they are for Wyatt already.

One thing I noticed is that if I throw close to the ground, it increases his prey drive and enthusiam.

I also mix it up and do not always ask for a front or a stay before.

Last night in agility class, I brought the dumbell and threw it all the way across the bard - about 50 yards. He loved the long run to the dumbbell and all the way back to me.

Anyway, he really seems happy retrieving lately with these changes. He always liked to retreive but I beleive this will help when trialing and stress is higher.


chinabound98 said...

Good for you for mixing things up!

I often suprise my dog with the fact that, as he's on his way OUT to the dumbbell, I've already turned around and am running away! Then he really hauls butt back to me with the dumbbell in his mouth. I invite him to run and jump up on me rather than always do a front, etc.

We must always think outside the box to A. Keep it fun and B. Help prevent anticipation.

Happy training!

"Chinabound98 on WW"

John Heffernan said...

That's another great idea, Stephanie. We really have to keep these smart dogs guessing!