Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wyatt - There Is Hope

We did a private agility lesson Saturday and it gave me hope for Wyatt. Wyatt did all the very worst case behaviors I have been seeing since his injury: freezing, running out of the ring instead of starting, going totally in the opposite direction of me back to contacts.

The instructor thought it was all stress and suggested that I just keep running with an imaginary dog (or not). Sure enough, he did come out to play if I kept it up! Anyway, Lynn thought he would be fine and the stress would fade over time. It was very good to know that Wyatt would run if I kept going. This is so different for him since, before the injury, he was SO enthusiastic.

She also showed me a way to help him to learn not to jump too early by using jumps spaced very closely together. Of course, if they were too close together, he jumped over both sets!

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