Friday, May 16, 2008

Drop On Recall Progress

I believe I discovered the solution I was having with drop on recall. When I took Wyatt to class he would sometimes fail to drop especially the first time. I wondered if I had trained him to do this. Somewhere along the line, I had been told it was good to do a straight recall first (without a drop) to get the speed up. So I would always do a straight recall first usually with a treat visible. This did work great but I believe that he came to expect that we always did this first and would not stop or creep a lot if I did a drop first. I changed my habits at home to do a drop first and he seemed to have improved greatly in his first drop of the session.

Last night in class, I got great a great drop, broad jump, and retrieves all with perfect fronts. He did go down on his sit right at the end so we did it again with me coming back early and he was fine. If we could only get the sits and downs 100%, we are so ready for open!


Alice said...

Good luck with the open and the drop that is the one exercise that is killing us right now. At a trial he just walks in with his head hanging after the drop command. We are entered in Pensacola in three weeks. Need I say he is a star performer at home? He loves it and works with gusto at home but not at trials.
-- Alice & Sam

John Heffernan said...

There always seems to be one thing!!!

I understand completely about home and trial being two different universes.

Good luck in Pensacola, Alice...