Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Slowing Down For Contacts

I have admit defeat on my latest contact strategy for Wyatt. Last year, when I was working towards Wyatt C-ATCH, I developed a bunch of strategies for contacts at trials. These were little things I could do to get him to slow down and not jump off. Of course, at home and in class, he has an independent 2 on, 2 off contact. But it was hard to remember all the little things to remember to get a good contact. So this year, I committed to just doing NADAC where I could take him back on a blown contact and not have to do all the little things. It did not work. He definitely needs more support at trials.

After looking at video for Saturday's NADAC trial, I saw that be was releasing when he either heard of saw the slightest thing from me that could possibly be interpreted as a release. That could be a jerky body movement (proofed at home, of course). So, on Sunday, I thought, what is I try walking for the length of the contact? Sure enough, it worked. I think he is so ready to spring at trials that the littlest thing is interpreted as a release. When he finally got 2 contacts in regular (I have needed one more for his elite title for about a year), he has trouble popping out at the last weave. So that last leg is still eluding us. However, I do think, based on Sunday, that this will work and I can't wait to try it out at the next trial. I am not worried about speed right now. He has plenty for the rest of the course and I figure I can try to work up to a very controlled job later and work up to a run.

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