Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tracking - What Does He Look Like On and Off

We went tracking yesterday and did a long course with 5 turns, one of which was acute.  Wyatt did well except on the acute turn.  He does drift quite a bit and I believe he is checking out the edges of the scent rather than following the strongest scent.  I am going to work him on some easier courses next with lots of straight legs and less turn.  One light bulb went off in reflecting on the session.  What I really need to do next is to really tune into when he is on the track and when he has lost it.  This will not look like a GSD or Golden!  So, instead of trying to make him look like a GSD who is pulling very strongly with nose right on the track, I need to figure out what he looks like when on and off the track.  

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