Thursday, March 19, 2009

FIrst Agility Class of the Year

I took both Wyatt and Patriot to agility class last night to tune up for the whippet national specialty. Patriot ran very well and did some (for him) fast weaves. I just had to remember how to do contacts with him. My wife changed him to running contacts but did not really finish so I have to slow him down and kind of point to the bottom of the contact to ensure that he hits the yellow zone. Wyatt also did very well and was very fast but crashed a bar on his first run. I moved him down to 16 immediately and he did fine. I not going to run him at 20 inches anymore so I am not sure why I was even practicing at 20! It felt great to run him at 16; the instructor thought he would be fine at 16 even with his early jumping habits. I was definately rusty with my cuing and with running the 2 dogs differently so it was great to be out doing agility again. I think both dogs were happy too and they are busy sleeping right now. They seem to need extra rest the next day, which tells me it was good for them. We all know that a tired whippet is a good (and happy) whippet.

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