Saturday, March 14, 2009

Obedience Results

We had a good but long day today at the Obedience Trial in Franklin, MA today.

Still no Open A Q for Wyatt. Once again, he NQed on one exercise and did very well on the rest. A little frustrating but I think it is just going to take some trialing to put it all together as a team. Good news: another perfect sit and down and he came on the drop (he missed that twice). This time, he did not go out on the retrieve on flat, of all things, something he has never done before. I am going to check the video to see if did anything funny like not give our normal command. Something did feel a little off. I think I was nervous after he got the drop on recall and thought we were home feel. I threw to the side and a little farther than usual and the judge waited a while after the throw. I checked tonight and I don't look at Wyatt before giving the "Find It" command. I was wondering if I neglected to look at him but that was not it. We were working on a 188 if we had qualified.

Patriot and I did Novice B. I have never shown him in obedience before but wanted to get a dry run in before the national, where I will be showing him in rally, agility, and obedience. He ended up doing great. He got a second place in a large class of 20+ dogs, a 190, and also high scoring sighthound! I was really good with both dogs not looking back at all and trusting. Unfortunately, I did not get a video of me and Patriot.

A good day. I feel good about both dogs and am prepared to trial with Wyatt for a while. Even though we have had 4 very close to Q runs, I need to be patient and work together as both of us get comfortable with showing in Open A.


Jules said...

John, Great news about you and Wyatt working so well together. And Hooray for Patriot.

doberkim said...

they keep us guessing!!! it will all fall together soon! and congrats on patriot - when is nationals?