Friday, December 18, 2009

Class Last Night

I took both dogs to obedience class last night.  There were some very specific things I wanted to work on:

1)  Patriot's drop on recall (DOR) -the dropping part,
2)  Wyatt's drop on recall - the recall part,
3)  Wyatt's long sit

I got to work on all 3.  I had 2 different people hover over Wyatt with arm raised to try and help with the freezing problem on the recall.  He did not freeze but I did see signs of stress especially when a tall man raised him arm over.  He did the long sit fine. which was good.  I also got to work on Patriot's DOR.  We worked on the rock back down and 2 different methods for teaching the drop.  I was using both methods but did get some good tips on the "board" method.

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