Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Wyatt Ouch

Wyatt came up lame Monday during his dog walk.  The dog walker did not take him back right way because she thought it might be due to cold.  He does lift a paw or walk on 3 legs sometimes when it is cold.  Unfortunatelt, the other dog walker did not read the journal we both write in and took him for a walk yesterday.  He was really lame when I got home.  They are usually very good so I am not meaning to be critical.  Stuff happens. 

One of his left front toes is swollen.  I believe it is a trauma injury that will pass quickly.  I have seen these before, often after coursing or racing.  Will definately rest him this week.  He needed the rest anyway due to his hips and back tightening up.  I have seen signs like running around jumps that are typically for this time of year for him.  It means that rest is needed from agility and even dog walks. 

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Jules said...

He is lucky you are so observant! I hope he heals quickly.