Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Distance Workout

I had a private lesson last night with Wyatt.  We worked on distance and we also had a general tuneup since we have not practiced in a while.  We have a NADAC trial this weekend.  Wyatt needs 10 Chances Qs and 7 Regular Qs for his NADAC championship title, the NATCH.  Everything went well.  He did seem eager to practice though he seems to tire at the end.  He worked very far from me.  He did good weaves and contacts at a distance.  He did show some attraction to contacts in obstacle discriminations, for which I had to compensate.  I needed to watch my footsteps and hold back at times when I was coming to a distance line I could not cross and had to work on my timing for certain things.  It did seem to hold back when Wyatt was committing to obstacles and weaves.  Hoping for a good weekend! 

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Nancy and Stewie JRT said...

Sounds like a good lesson, I saw Lynn on Saturday and it was great to get in some practice. See you this weekend!