Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend Update

Wyatt did not qualify in AKC Open obedience yesterday.  He froze on the drop on recall.  I may have shouted too loudly and harshly.  I thought going in that that may be the secret but I may have overdone it.  He seems scared coming in and came in front very far away after the second command to come and the drop.  Then he got up on the long sit, which is typically a sign of stress.  I think he may have been stressed anyway.  I was due to the snow situation at home. 

Today, he got a first and Q in NADAC Elite Regular (standard) and he finally got the last Touch and Go Q for his Elite TNG title AND his Elite Versatility Award.  We have been shooting for that for a while and it took many months to get that last TNG Q missing by either a contact or less than a second many times.  We did not get a Chances Q today; the course was very hard.  Only 2 dogs got it.  Weavers, tunnelers, and jumpers to go.  I may scratch jumpers.  I may have to go home today to help with the snow at home. 

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