Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wyatt Does Want To Practice

Wyatt seems recovered after his fight with Patriot Saturday.  They had a crate fight at an agility trial.  Drawing blood a first in the crate together.  I have very occasionally heard growling if they knock into each other when I back up in the driveway.  He did not want to run Sunday and he was very anxious as Sunday progressed.

In my last post, I was wondering why Wyatt does not seem to want to practice agility in the yard.  Well, I tried again early this week and had the same trouble.  It was hot and they had gone on a run.  I tried before running and earlier in the day.  Wyatt did not seem to want to come down to the field so I (deliberately) started with Patriot and Wyatt came charging down ready to play.  Today, I just started without him, running an "invisible" dog and, once again, he came down.  Again, it was prerun and cooler.  He did some great distance work too.  I'll post the course soon though I am camping Thursday to Sunday and off the net.  

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