Sunday, November 28, 2010

Obedience and Rally Results

I was thrilled that Wyatt and Patriot came in first and fourth respectively under Celeste Meade in Rally Excellent B on Friday.  Wyatt also earned another RAE-2 leg.  I think he has 5 now.  They both did great.  I loved seeing 2 whippets place in such a large class. 

Patriot had his first try at Open A obedience and I was very encouraged.  He did well in heeling except for sniffing the judge and stopping in the figure 8, which was unusual.  I should have given him an extra "come" command much earlier.  He had a good drop on recall, which has been Wyatt's issue.  I gave  a short and wide throw on the retrieve over high jump and he needed a second command to go out and then stopped at the jump.  He also walked over the broad jump; I am not sure why.  He never does that at home.  Maybe I need to start him farther way?  He was rock solid for sits and downs, which is also Wyatt's issue.  Wyatt has one of his best Open A outings of late.  I did get one automatic sit.  He followed me on the recall (strange since he usually freezes).  He did drop though.  His retrieves and jumps were really nice, as usual.  He went down on the sit and came up on the down!  It is clear that when I am far away, he is stressed and makes mistakes. I would have to trial and proof him much more if I ever wanted to pass Open A and the NATCH/MEDAL is my number one goal right now. 

Whippet Sydney and his handler Lesley got their first Open A leg Saturday, which I was thrilled to be able to witness. 

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