Sunday, May 28, 2006

CPE Day One

We had a pretty good day today. The first 2 runs I was very happy with. Wyatt just released early on one contact - a dogwalk. It so happened that I got a little flustered and he went back up the dogwalk so I got to practice it again without being called for training in the ring! That was a wildcard run. Standard went very well except I lost contact for a split second and he took an extra jump. It was in a difficult 90 degree turn to a tunnel that was paired with the dogwalk. Our last jackpot run was not great. Again, he went off course when I lost contact for a split second as we had finished my plan and the gamble whistle had not blown yet. He went up the A-frame and missed his contact (I was way out of position but still...). He then took a gamble jump causing an NQ. He went back over the A-frame and stalled. I finally got him back and started on the gamble. The A-frame contact was bad once again. However, he did do the hardest part of the gamble which was to take an outer jump that was next to an inner jump. I used an opposite arm push and he went right over and onto the table. All in all, a pretty good day even though we did not get a Q. We felt very good as a team at least on the first 2 runs and most of the last run. He seemed to be calm and in control and getting most of the his contacts. Also, all the weaves were really good. I only had to briefly restart one weave.

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