Monday, May 29, 2006

CPE Day 2

Wyatt got 2 Q's today and also got first place in each. We had a nice Snooker run with 48 points (3 6's which were a jump combo) and the whole finish sequence. There were no contacts on this particular course. I ran Patriot too but he is not as responsive and I sent him over an extra jump. We had our usual good jumpers run (one tunnel bobble where he pulled off) with a Championship level Q and a first. Dawn threw Patriot into a little pond before the run and they did great. I think it was his fastest run ever, ever faster than Wyatt, which is a first. Standard had 2 A-frames. Wyatt did great on the first one but missed his contact coming back when he got ahead of me. But the rest of the contacts were good and he again ran very calm and controlled. This ring is small so there were no spectators inside the arena and very few dogs, which I am sure is good for Wyatt.

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