Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Out of Site, Out of Mind?

I am working hard on the out of site sits and down and currently starting with one minute sits and downs out of sight. Before that, I worked up to a 3 minute (in sight) sit. I am trying to be systematic about this and really train and proof it. I was a bit lax in training for novice sits and downs and did not work on it and proof it enough. It is boring but I am hoping to really make this exercise much more reliable.

A friend of mine was describing how he proofs out of sight sits and down with his whippet. Her favorite things was to go for a ride so he gradually worked up to actually leaving the dog in a sit or down and driving away for 10 minutes and coming back and making sure she was still in position. Now, that is proofing!


Lois said...

I can't believe anyone would drive away and leave any dog, much less a sighthound, on a stay. I don't consider that proofing, I consider that very arrogant and gambling on your dog's life - but that's just my opinion. I think it's much safer to do your proofing while someone else - who can legally be at ringside during a trial while you are out of sight - can be there to watch and correct if needed.

John Heffernan said...

Hi Lois,

I would not assume that this was done in an unsafe manner!


Lois said...

Yes, you're right that it's bad to assume, but I know of people who really do take chances like that in the name of "training" and it bothers me. Hopefully, though, this person is not one of them!