Sunday, June 18, 2006

CPE Results

We did one day of a CPE trial in New York State. Wyatt and Patriot did well. Patriot was pretty pumped up and happy all day. Dawn has been dunking or hosing him before runs on hot days. Patriot finished his level 4 CPE title.

Wyatt got 2 Q's. One was in fullhouse (level C) and one in Colors (level 5). We almost Q'ed in Jackpot but came up short by one second. The gamble was to get any three and exactly three tunnels. I think there was a hesitation on one because he was flying. The first standard run I blew and misdirected him but he had 3 great contacts. I could kick myself. The second standard run was an NQ because of a missed A-frame, otherwise flawless.

I had trouble at the end of day with flies. Wyatt is obsessed with catching flies and they were coming out in numbers. They tended to land at the bottom of the weaves so I had trouble with the weaves in colors. He is a funny dog sometimes.

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