Sunday, June 11, 2006


I went to a NADAC trial Saturday with both dogs. I enjoyed running 2 dogs because it keeps you busier and if you mess up with one, you can still do well with the other one.

I was real happy with both dogs. Wyatt ran well and after his run, did pretty well with his contacts. That first run of the day seems hard. I think we are both nervous on the first run of the day. It was a double shot touch and go and he only missed one contact on the second go around. (You basically run 2 course back to back - the same course - if you want to.) He Q'd with a third in Weavers with a real nice run - no entry problems. He Q'ed in regular finishing his novice regular title. We had a very nice and fast elite jumpers run but had one off course - he really seemed determined for this one jump despite a lot of call offs on my part. He also had a nice chances run where you had to send to a far tunnel from other side of a near tunnel. The old other arm signal worked great. I believe it just helps point you in the right direction. There was a cool moment in the run where he cam off the jump and I could clearly see him looking at me for the cue was to which tunnel. He saw the arm and or body and zoom off he went. It was really exciting to see him respond that way.

Patriot ran really well too. It is nice to run with a dog that is so consistent though you have to cheerlead him a lot. He had a very nice standard and weavers run but missed each by 2 seconds. He loses a lot of time in the weaves. He ran great for me in jumpers and chances and finished his novice jumpers titles. I got him in a real playful mood before each run and he ran pretty fast.

All in all, a very satisfying weekend.

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