Sunday, August 06, 2006

Saturday Rally Excellent

We got our first Rally Excellent leg Saturday but it was not our best permformance. Wyatt seemed really nervous and preoccupied and was doing the world's slowest sits after multiple commands! We also missed the halt, pivot left, halt which has always been a hard one for us. But he did it and besides the one 10 pointer, he did everything. I scratched him in novice B because it seemed like it would be less than fun for both of us. This was our first time in Rally Excellent. I had to remember not to tap my leg which is not allowed in Rally Excellent. I do use that a lot to encourage Wyatt to stay in heel position. The experience reinforces that I have to proof him much more for no treats and for the trial atmosphere. I thought his might be a good location because the obedience and rally was off from the breed show but there was still a lot going on. I can tell Wyatt is stressed when he does the slow (or no) sits and starts looking around. You can just tell that his brain is only 50% available for obedience. Dawn and I also are wondering if Wyatt and Patriot would do better together. I just took Wyatt Saturday for rally and Patriot came later.

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