Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Treats & Other Dogs

I have been realizing what a bad job I have been doing proofing Wyatt. At class, he gets nervous with the other dogs. Recently, I found I need to lure him with food as we start heeling to really start without a lag. So, without food, our performance suffers. Around other dogs and lots of noise, our performance suffers. I can use food to help with the enviroment but not at a trial. For some reason, the excitement and movement of agility obviates the need for food at trials.

I am going to really work on not using food at home (at least sometimes). For example, when prepping for novice trials, I need to try and get the same performance without food. I do try and wean off before trials somewhat but I have not focused on this enough. And at class, I really need to work on getting his full attention even around other dogs. I need to start with food but try and wean off that over time. It is that or only enter very small, quiet, one ring obedience only trials...

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