Monday, October 16, 2006

Agony to Ecstasy

After a disasterous outing at our last trial (0 for 5) and a crash into a jump, I was unsure what would happen this weekend. However, we were on our home court. Hilltown Hounds hosted our first ever (CPE) agility trial in the horse barn where we practice.

On our first fullhouse run, Wyatt got all his contacts but stalled on the A Frame and we did not get enough points. Standard was next with a very challenging course with lots of off course potential. Wyatt smoked it with a clean run and a first. This also completed our level 4 standard and was the last Q needed for level 4.

Wildcard was next and Wyatt again ran the course fast and perfect taking second place and picked up a needed level 5 Q. Snooker was next which is one of our best games. Wyatt again ran perfecting picking up first and a level C Q. It sure is a nice feeling to run fast and perfect on almost ever run. I could get used to it!

Sunday was similar where we picked up our first level 5 standard Q (2nd place), a needed level 5 colors Q (first place), and our final level 5 jackpot Q (third place). We had a good jumpers run but one off course. I think I was tired at this point being trial chair and having the baby with us all weekend. It seemed to really help Wyatt to be on his home court. The only difference I noticed was that he was not coming all the way down to the end on his contacts (which he usually does at home and at practice so I have to work on that).

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