Monday, October 09, 2006


I got some good tips last week at our very good open obedience class. One was to always treat your dog from heel position (or front position) when working obedience. So simple but how often do I pull him out of heel position to treat him?

Group sits will be the death of me in open and, again, my teacher gave me some ideas (and hope). Wyatt has been shifting around a lot at home (but does not go down - in class and at trials, he will often go down pretty quickly). Anyway, my new technique is going to first, help him into a really good sit (we will have to work on him doing that himself later), stay close to him and reposition his front (or rear) legs when he shifts. The idea is that this will help him know what his job is. So I have moved up much closer and doing this. I used to let the shifts go and figure at least he wasn't going down but then he would often go down in class and about 50% of the time at trials.

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