Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What We Are Working On

While we are on our agility timeout, I have been working with Wyatt on obedience and rally. We have been perfecting our rally excellent moves including left pivot, 3 steps back, side step, and some others. He is doing real well, at least at home, and we should be able to get our last RE leg as long as he wants to play. In tradional obedience, I am really trying to finish up open and utility training. The hardest items are go outs, drop on recall, and group sits. I have working on go outs by baiting a target with cheese wiz and putting the target on a ring gate. I command "go out" and he has really been running out at a good clip. I then (sometimes) ask him to sit. I have been using a low board to prevent creeping. I have also started using 3 different gloves on occasion. Everything else is pretty much in place (at least at home) includingt scent discrimination and retrieves. I need to check the heeling part of utility and check signals. I beleieve all the pieces are in place including a moving stand but need to try putting it all together.

Of course, the proof is in the proofing!

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