Friday, September 07, 2007

Proofing Jump on Retrieve

We had a really good class with Tibby Chase last night. It is a open/utility drop in class. Wyatt did great. He had a few problems during heeling run through. I beleive there was cheese on the floor in a few places. But he caught back up and did well besides that. After that, Tibby has the idea of putting leashes, white, small paper plates, and chalk marks all over the mats. The dogs had a hard time with the first try but really adjusted quickly. I think Wyatt thought maybe it was some kind of weird scent disrimination first. The second and third times, he cruised right over the jump and cruised right back. His speed is great right now. Broad jump as also great as was drop on recall. Tibby had us practice coming into the ring. Great idea. So we figured out when and where to put our dumbbell and practised maintaing contact with your dog as you take off the leash and set up. This was really good for me as I sometimes get frazzled and lose contact and start even when we are not ready! I proofed some scent discrim after class and Wyatt was flawless and did about 10 in a row. This is good because he tends to get the wrong article sometimes "on the road". He also sat for 3 minutes rock solid with other dog and with me 6 feet away off leash so that was great too.

A very inspiring class. Tibby also sees the good and the progress in what happens even though she is also realistic and not a pollyanna...

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