Friday, September 14, 2007

Wyatt Wins Big Buck in Obedience

Wyatt did great at Tibby Chase's open/utility drop in class last night. He actually won a dollar.

Tibby has tons of great ideas I have never seen from anyone else. She put a dollar down on the floor and the person who dropped their dog (as in the open drop on recall) closest to the dollar won the dollar. Wyatt was second to last and before that, the closest dog was about a foot away. When our turn came, I made sure the dollar was in the direct line between me and Wyatt. He was doing very ncie drops all night and I had a good sense of how far he was moving forward before dropping (not very far). Anyway, I dropped him right on the dollar. We beat a cattle dog, a golden, and an Aussie, and bunch of other dogs. That was fun. He also sat solidly for 3 minutes with me across the ring. Next step is start working out of sight. I also did some good proofing with scent discrim. He is having trouble sometimes with one dumbell on an outside corner, which was not part of the Around the Clock method. We did a lot of proofing with drop on recall. Wyatt was not distracted except when offered food by someone close to where he dropped, which was not too surprising. Tibby said we have to get that sit problem fixed because he is very ready to earn his CDX. That was good to hear. Wyatt has become such a good boy.

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