Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Whipet Results from CPE This Weekend

Whippets Shine at Connecticut CPE Agility Trial
November 8-9 2007 – John Heffernan

Whippets shined this weekend at the SCAT CPE agility trial in Southington, CT despite the record temperatures and humidity. Sharon Dunston and Gypsy finished their level 1 CPE title. They make a nice team with good speed and focus. Paula Milnes and Mini-Me (love that name) also did well at their first ever agility trial and received at least one level 1 qualifying score (Q) that I saw. Mini-Me also showed good speed in the Colors run I witnessed. Danielle Gregoire and Webster also had a good weekend and had at least one Q in Jackpot Friday night. I was amazed at the improvement Webster showed this weekend. It does take some of our whippets quite a while to get used to the stimulating environment at an agility trial. Webster stayed very focused during the entire standard run I had the pleasure of observing.

Veteran CPE whippets Wyatt and Patriot were run by John Heffernan, while wife Dawn vacationed on Cape Cod with their son Aidan. Dawn usually runs Patriot who earned his CPE agility championship last February. Wyatt did very well in the heat Saturday, staying fast and motivated all day. He got a first and Q in level C (Championship) jumpers, a 2nd place and Q in level C Snooker, and a first and Q in Level C Colors but had contact issues all day. Patriot had a Q and a 4th in Level C jumpers and a Q in level C colors before succumbing to the heat.

Wyatt, Patriot, and John had a perfect day on Sunday having clean, qualifying runs in 9 classes they entered. Wyatt received 5 Qs earning 2 firsts and 2 seconds while Patriot earned a second, 2 thirds, and a fourth place. They ran in the championship level in all classes except for Wyatt’s standard classes. His level 5 standard Q means that he has earned 5 level 5 Qs and needs only 5 more for his CPE Agility Championship. John reports that he had a breakthrough day - finally figuring out how to get reliable contacts at trials. While Wyatt does a perfect, independent 2 on, 2 off contact at home, John finally figured out that Wyatt needs more support at trials. He requires eye contact at trials during the contacts even though John does not look at him during the contacts at home. In combination with increased ability to steer this very fast and motivated dog, getting reliable contacts resulted in Wyatt’s first perfect day in agility. Patriot also qualified with in his 4 runs. John was thrilled to have perfect days with both his whippets.

[I will write another post about Wyatt's progress next.]

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