Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Proofing Jump on Retrieve

Since Wyatt left a little early on last week's open obedience run thru Retrieve on Flat exercise, I decided to proof this. Sure enough, he was leaving early if I moved or said anything. First, I moved and had him come back if he left. He got that quickly. Then I said words other than "Find It" and I fooled him on that too. Now, he does not leave unless I say "Find It". One side effect though, he has needed a double command a few times. I guess he does not want to make a mistake. So I think I will not proof the words anymore.


Margaret said...

Now, see -- there you and I disagree -- I would be continuing to proof with words and jackpotting for responding to the command. I would also never give a double command. If he misses the command, then break him out of the exercise and go back to it. Otherwise, I think you're setting yourself up to give that double command. But that along with 4.95 will buy you a Starbucks. :P


p.s. You've been TAGGED

John Heffernan said...

Interesting. Appreciate the advice, Margaret!