Saturday, February 14, 2009

NADAC Agility Brag

Wyatt was the #1 NADAC agility whippet last year, getting #1 in 3 classes. You get 10 points for every qualifying run at the elite (like AKC excellent) level and you need at least 30 points to be even on the list. Here are the complete whippet results.

Whippet Jumpers 80 1 Wyatt John Heffernan
Whippet Jumpers 40 2 Hugo Kiely Grundahl
Whippet Jumpers 30 3 Patriot Dawn Heffernan

Whippet Regular Agility 30 1 Wyatt John Heffernan

Whippet Tunnelers 140 1 Wyatt John Heffernan


Jules said...

Congratulations to you, Wyatt, Dawn, and Patriot. That is super!

Nancy said...

Go Whippet Power!
Nancy and Stewie JRT