Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lure Coursing

Wyatt got to run as a test dog and did great. His follow is very good. Too bad he is a fouler. Patriot did not run great but finished and did OK. He is 11/15 in versatility and could still do well if he does well is agility and rally and conformation and he is still OK for the triathlon as the LC scores are bunched tightly together and don't count as much as obedience and conformation typically in terms of the way the scores are distributed. But, even though it would be cool if he did well, I really just want to have fun with them and show our stuff. Tomorrow is busy with rally first, Patriot in Advanced and Wyatt in Advanced and Excellent. Patriot is then in Novice B and Wyatt is in Open A. I am hoping we can go out of sight without going out a door. I think that is much harder for Wyatt based on our last trial. Then I show Patriot in conformation for the triathlon and Versatility Competition (VC) Monday (tomorrow) night. Tuesday is brace and agility. It's been great to meet all the VC competitors. What a wonderful bunch of friendly people.

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