Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fixed One Thing; Another to Be Fixed

Wyatt has been anticipating the finish on retrieves. He brings back the dumbbell and sits in front of me and is supposed to wait for a command to come back to heel position. I waited extra long and did not treat when he jumped the gun so he now waits (reluctantly.) I try to wait a little extra so he won't start anticipating again. I am still having problems with barking before the glove (directed) retrieve though. I think those are most like a prey item to him and all the fooling around and moving with me before he gets to go seems frustrating to him.

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Alice said...

Hi John,
This is one I have had to fix too. I told Sam to wait when I took the dumbell and then 'spit' a treat at him for a good wait. Then had him finish. I am trying this with any kind of anticipation issues and it seems to have good quick results.
-- Alice