Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Run Thrus

Did some run thrus tonight at our local club. We brought Aidan. We are trying to keep him exposed to dog sports. He wants to do agility but it's hard as the dogs focus on me and not him and it's hard for Aidan to connect to the dog when they aren't focused on him, he does not understand that he has to keep at it and keep issuing commands. Then it's hard for him to treat quickly and not eat the treat himself.

Both dogs ran well though. I pushed the distance with Wyatt so we had a few small errors but it was great practice for our NADAC trial in Wrentham this weekend.


Jules said...

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Alice said...

Good luck this weekend. Let us know how it goes.

I do have the same problems with the dogs being much more focused on me than Tia. She does find it frustrating because she has to work so hard to keep their attention. I try to keep sessions short and happy for everyone.

-- Alice

John Heffernan said...

Yeah, tough problem. Will have to think about that one. Any suggestions appreciated.