Sunday, March 19, 2006

No Q Yesterday

We did not qualify yesterday but I was happy with our performance overall. We drove over 2 hours to find a very loud, busy, place with a hard, dirt floors. Good thing we were an hour early because it took a long time for Wyatt and Patriot to settle at all. Patriot went first and was distracted and lagging but they managed to squeak by.

Wyatt started out very well though he was lagging more than last week. I really need to remember to say NO when they judge asks if you are ready. Last week, he was looking right at me and ready to go. This week, he wasn't and he did not perform as well. Still he did not make any major mistakes (a few crooked and slow sits) until we got to the recall. I left him and he bolted before I gave him the command to come. I was very surprised because I never see that particular problem. I am not sure if I did something odd (I am working on a hand signal for come) or he just made a mistake. Though I was worried about the hard, cold surface, he did his group sit and down perfectly. So I was very happy overall though, of course, a little disappointed we did not qualify. I think I had a little bit of the third leg jitters. I even dressed more nicely than usual in case we had to get the title photo. We would have scored in the low 180's if we had qualified.

Patriot ended up tying for third with a score of 175. He had to do a heeling run-off. Off leash heeling is his hardest exercises. Luckily, the other dog also had a hard time and they tied yet again. This time, Patriot did slightly better but the other dog just stayed at the start line so Patriot got third place and best lure coursing dog in the trial. Patriot and Wyatt both now have 2 legs towards their CD.

Next trial is in 2 weeks. I will work on proofing the recall stay and take a break on the "come" signal for a few weeks. I noticed that he is jumping the gun sometimes during his scent discrimination practice so I need to consistently correct him there to. I think I have been letting it go sometimes when I am not facing him and up near the articles.


Lisa and Capercaillie said...

Congratulations!! It is frustrating to hear that you got to the site and it was loud and they had dirt rings, I have never seen this in obience. What show grounds were you at?

I am excited for you and your boys as you are so close. Where is your next trial?

Lisa and Capercaillie

John Heffernan said...

Thanks, Lisa.

Next show is April 1 in Amherst, NH.

Yesterday's was at Stepping Up Training Center in East Freeport, MA (near the cape)...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, John! Sounds like things went really well at a tough site, and I think anticipation, though still NQ, is an easier problem to fix than lagging.

Even in my limited experience (have only shown my first-ever dog), I have learned you never know what to expect if you haven't been to a site before. Asking people helps, but there can still be surprises. I think our biggest surprise was one site where my dog stood up on the long down, which he'd NEVER done before (and this was in Open, after getting 2 CDs), and I later learned that underneath the rings in that venue ice rink!!! He never did that again.