Monday, March 13, 2006

What Helped?

I was reflecting on the factors that helped Wyatt go from a score of 172 to 190 1/2 since last spring. These are listed in what I believe to be the most important first.

1. Tons of proofing at agility trials and dog shows.
2. Practicing once or twice every day and going to class once a week.
3. Using cones to fix a group sit problem at class.
4. Keeping him really up between exercises. Using the time to praise and run to the next starting place if possible.
5. Keeping obedience interesting by training utility and open exercises.
6. A quiet, obedience only trial.
7. My confidence level increasing since the last trial.
8. Working on lagging.
9. Working on fronts and finishes.
10. Better footwork on my part.

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